Saturday, April 17, 2010

Solo Exhibition at Fox creek

Well, here it is, I am taking all the caravan paintings out for an airing and showing. The exhibition is during May and June at Fox Creek Wineries contact me if you want any info. Here is an image from the Caravan Tales exhibition

Monday, January 11, 2010

happy new year

Happy new year to all! Ihave a lot of changes coming up in 2010. i am now a recreation therapist at The Hampstead Rehab. Centre, I started today and so far it is gooood.. I like the women I work with a lot and I feel like we do some great stuff. The down side of my job is I have to leave the beautiful william st. studio...I have had such a great time with M and it is such a cool space, but I would be underutilizing the studio and hopefully someone can use it to its full potential. I am seeking a new space and hope it happens soon....
The beach was beautiful this morning, all silver and still....I am thankful...